2017 H.O.G.® Durban Committee

Recently the H.O.G.® Durban underwent some change and have a newly elected EXCO team ready to serve with passionate enthusiasm.

For information purposes, the H.O.G.® Durban Primary Officers are:

         Director                              Len
         Assistant Director            Kelly
         Secretary                            Anthony
         Treasurer                            Brad

The Secondary Officers as co-opted onto the committee as follows:

         Head Road Captain                        Shashi
         Activities officer/fundraising       Buzz & Hildegard
         Membership officer                        Kelly
         Ladies of Harley / Charity             Caren

Durban H.O.G.® members are always encouraged to get in touch with the committee if there are any questions / queries, it is important for H.O.G.® Durban to engage and be aware.

May 2017 be an exciting year of riding and great camaraderie.

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