H.O.G.® Assist

DID you know – When you purchase your Harley you, as a H.O.G.® Member you will receive the follow benefits and to action these in the time of an emergency you can call your dedicated H.O.G.® Assist line +2711 541 1398

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Benefit Service – paid by Intl.SOS
Roadside assistance

  •   Locksmith
  •   Jump Start
  •   Flat Tyre
  •   Fuel

Should you require assistance for any minor roadside assistance, we will arrange for the closest and most appropriate provider to render the assistance as well as make the payment for the call out & 1hour

*cost of the fuel will be for your own account*


Whether you are stranded in metro or rural area due to a mechanical/electrical fault or accident, towing assistance will be arranged and paid for to the nearest dealer

Hotel Accommodation or Taxi or Car hire

Following a breakdown or accident, our team will arrange and pay (max limits will apply) for you to be assisted with either of these benefit which will ensure the continuation of your journey or that you be accommodated overnight at a Hotel before continuing the following day


Following repairs, our team will arrange and pay (max limits will apply) for your motorcycle to be returned to you

Benefit Service – paid by Intl.SOS

  •   Medical Advice & Info
  •   Crisis Lines
  •   Medical Facilities

Referral and Advisory Benefit only

Primary Medical Response & Transport

Our Medical team will promptly arrange for a primary response team to assist and stablise you and your passenger, while simultaneous coordinating an Ambulance (with the correct level of care) to be dispatched to transport the injured to the closest hospital

Medical Repatriation

In the event of your hospitalisation outside of your home town, it will be arranged and paid for (NHRPL rates apply) that you are repatriated to your home town, provided the repat is justified by the Intl.SOS Doctor

Repatriation of Mortal Remains

Intl.SOS will arrange and pay for the necessary formalities involved in transporting of your mortal remains to a location in their home town.

Urgent relay of Message & Escort of Minors & Compassionate visits

Upon your request, our team will arrange and coordinate your request and pay for the assistance/ benefit where applicable

Application Form 

** In order to renew this – contact Kim Daniels on (011) 541 -1000 or Felicity Bedford on (011) 541-1287 **